Tips for Cleaning the Inside of Your Car

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Woman cleaning the inside of her windshield at Landers Toyota in Little Rock, Arkansas

Be honest: we all know one person whose car is a total disaster! At Landers Toyota in Little Rock, Arkansas, we know that nobody likes to ride in a dirty car. A clean and fresh interior not only leads to a more enjoyable driving experience but also promotes good physical and mental health. Check out our tips for getting the inside of your car spick and span!

Get Back That “New Car Smell” With a New Car

Getting Started

To begin, make sure you have all the proper tools and cleaning materials. Some things you might need include:

Once you have your supplies, start by putting all the trash inside your car into a trash bag. Remember to check under your seats for wrappers, loose change, and any other items that may have fallen through the cracks. You may also want to remove any personal items, such as water bottles, bags, and cords. 

Suck it Up

Now that the vehicle is free of trash, you can use your vacuum to clean up any crumbs, dirt, grass, hair, and other small debris. Don’t forget to vacuum under your floor mats and, if your vacuum attachment can fit, in any cupholders or door compartments.

Why Proper Car Care Is Important

Vacuuming crumbs out of a car seat at Landers Toyota in Little Rock, Arkansas

Wash and Dry

Next, remove your floor mats and wash them outside your car. If your mats are rubber, simply use the water hose to rinse them off. We’re huge proponents of all-weather rubber mats because of how much easier they are to clean! If your mats are carpeted, you’ll want to gently wash them with water, carpet cleaner, and your sponge or brush. Thoroughly washing your carpeted mats will help kill harmful bacteria and remove any lingering smells.

You can clean your cloth seats in a similar fashion — follow the directions on your upholstery cleaner for the best results. Just be sure not to heavily soak your seats with water, as this can lead to mold if not properly dried. If your seats are leather, you can use leather conditioner to make them softer, cleaner, and shinier.

Wipe On, Wipe Off

While your seats and floor mats are drying, you can begin wiping down all of the surfaces in your car: the dashboard, the steering wheel, the doors, etc. Start with your microfiber cloth or duster, then use the disinfecting wipes to make sure those commonly-touched surfaces are extra clean.

More Tips for a Happy, Healthy Vehicle

Be Gone, Smudges!

If you have children or pets that often ride in the car, you know the inside of your windows can get covered in stubborn smudges! To make your windows crystal clear again, simply wipe them down with glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Or, if you don’t have any glass cleaner handy, you can mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle.

Heaven Scent

A pleasant-smelling car is just the cherry on top. You can eliminate any old odors by leaving a few open containers of baking soda in your vehicle overnight. You can clip the air freshener of your choice to your air vents for a consistently delightful aroma.

You’re all done! We hope you feel proud of your work and enjoy your spotless interior. If you’re ever in a time crunch and don’t have the time to clean your vehicle yourself, come see us at Landers Toyota in Little Rock, Arkansas! Our professionals can detail the inside and outside of your car in no time.

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