Three of our favorite car hacks

January 1st, 2021 by

Here at Landers Toyota of Little Rock, if there’s anything we love as much as cars, it’s Car Hacks! You know: those little tips and tricks that help make driving more enjoyable, make your vehicle more useful or help expand your ability to get the job done. Seen below, check out four great car hacks that should work on almost any vehicle. And if you need a quality, reliable new or used vehicle to help you hack your commute, workday or weekend adventures, come see us at Landers Toyota of Little Rock today!



NO-SCRAPE ICE-BEGONE!: Is there anything worse than coming out on a cold winter morning bundled up and ready to go, only to find that your windshield is totally frozen over with ice or frost? At that point, you have a few options. You can either sit in the freezing car with the defroster going for a loooong time until the windshield thaws, or you can hunt up your ice scraper and get to work. Or you can try this car hack: fill a small spray bottle with 71 percent isopropyl alcohol and keep it in your car. When the windshield, back glass or mirrors are frosty, just give them a light misting of alcohol and watch the ice melt away like magic. Hit the wipers and you’ll be on your way in no time.

LET HONEST ABE CHECK YOUR TIRES: Few of us appreciate just how important our tires are when it comes to helping keep you, your family and other drivers safe. No matter how advanced your traction control system might be, if your tires are too worn to get a good grip on the road, you’re just asking for trouble. But how can you tell when it might be time to replace your tires? Let Abe Lincoln be your literal guide! Most of us have access to a U.S. penny bearing the profile of 16th president Abraham Lincoln. With your front wheels turned all the way to the left or right, stick a penny in the center of the tire tread with Abe’s head pointing down. If the tread is deep enough to cover Abe’s forehead, you’re likely all clear. If, however, the tread barely touches the Illinois Railsplitter’s head, it’s four-score and seven minutes past time to get to the tire store. Landers Toyota of Little Rock can help with that.

HIRE A CADDY: With kids in the car, messes just happen! So how can you keep the clutter corralled while still giving your backseat drivers quick access to the things they need to keep them occupied on trips? Hit the shower! Specifically: find a stick-on shower caddy. Available for under $5 dollars, plastic shower caddies are often equipped with powerful suction cups that help them stick them to shower enclosures. In your car, just open the back door, moisten the suction cups and stick the caddy to the rear side window of your vehicle. Viola! Cheap, easy storage for everything from books to crackers, sippy cups to tablets, handheld games to that favorite stuffed animal they can’t live without on the go. Caddies come in a variety of colors and styles, and if you have to switch vehicles, all you have to do is unstick and restick in seconds and your little passenger’s stuff can be quickly transferred.

We hope these simple car hacks will help you make the most out of every drive. Stay tuned to the Official Blog of Landers Toyota of Little Rock in coming months, because we’ve got a million of these car hacks and we’re excited to help our customers get more out of their vehicle. And if you need a quality Toyota to drive you into a bright 2021, stop in today at Landers Toyota of Little Rock to check out our full selection!

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